We made sure to include various types of pillows as we know that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to comfort. Bamboo is renowned for its hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities. Best Mattress Toppers For Heavy Side Sleepers. A great (and much cheaper) substitute for a decent memory foam mattress, this one will mould around your body with a sumptuousness that will send you smoothly off into the land of nod and wake up with no aches or pains. BestSpy.co.uk is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers – Contour 2000 Memory Pocket Mattress; 8. Bamboo material is crafted from fibres that are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It won’t last as long as some of the more expensive toppers reviewed here. The Leesa; 5. If you are a side sleeper who has recently learned that your current mattress (or mattress topper) isn’t meeting your specific needs, this is … 10 best mattress toppers for a comfortable and well supported sleep. Thankfully, there is an upgraded version of this model that does include a two-inch think memory foam insert. However, certain models may differ by offering memory foam springs, ventilation holes or extra gel layer. It features a 2.5-inch supportive base layer of gel-infused memory foam and a top layer of 1.5-inch fluffy down alternative. With three inches of memory foam that moulds to the contours of your body, this bed topper will add an extra layer of comfort to any hard mattress. Thus, you should take care not to place too much tension on them. These mattress toppers suit side and back sleepers best, or anyone with joint pain or who prefers a medium to soft sleep surface: Memory foam : probably the most commonly known mattress topper material, memory foam does the job spot on, as it moulds to the shape of your body. The Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid; 6. As a great long-lasting option, they bounce back into shape better than foam mattress toppers. So, if you are quite sensitive to chemical odours, you may be better opting for another mattress topper. No don’t need to worry about lumps and bumps despite the low-price tag, thanks to the waved panel stitch and it stays firmly in place thanks to elastic straps. Best Latex Choice – Prestige Cushion Top Latex 2000 Mattress; 9. The plush mattress topper is plenty thick at 1.5 inches, and it doesn’t compress, even after months of use, but having an actual memory foam pad would be helpful. Furthermore, unlike other memory foam mattress toppers, this model sleeps relatively cool. Instead, it’s more like a fitted bed sheet which only wraps one side. If you prefer a natural mattress topper ideal for sensitive skin, eczema, and allergies, this premium Lancashire Bedding topper comes highly recommended. Allergy sufferers won’t have to miss out as it’s both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Therefore, if you’re a night-time fidget, you may find yourself having to rearrange it upon waking. Some provide a skinny layer of softness; others a 10cm wedge – almost a new mattress in itself. Mattress toppers can be useful for other reasons too – to warm up your bed or cool it down or protect it from stains and bacteria. The Dreamzie Orthopaedic is our best mattress topper for back pain sufferers. Whatever the reason, you’ll almost certainly be surprised what a difference a topper can make not only to the comfort levels, but quality of sleep and in some cases the reduction of aches and pains. When buying one, you’ll need to think about the thickness, type of filling and how much you’re prepared to fork out. If you sleep on your back, your spine tends to align itself correctly. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent. However, as with the majority of foam products, it will give off a strong odour for several days when unpacked. Here are some of the main advantages that you will experience: The main reason in looking for the best mattress topper is to feel more comfortable. Hence, if you have any impairments, be sure to get some help when fitting this one. If you’re looking for an extra thick topper to soften an overly firm mattress, this will definitely make your nights much more relaxing. The Nectar Sleep is another memory foam mattress that while isn’t as cooling as other mattresses is still at the forefront of memory foam mattresses designed for hot sleepers.. It’s quite heavy, but it arrives nice and compact in a box and once you remove it from its vacuum packaging, it quickly expands without any of the chemical smells that so often linger with memory foam. But you might have to shake it out every once in a while, which will stop it flattening. Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super king. If you want to spruce up your mattress, a topper could be just the solution. Durable, hypoallergenic, and temperature-regulating, a wool mattress topper wicks away moisture to keep you cool during the hot season. Memory foam mattresses aren’t necessarily the best, but it is definitely one of the best options for side sleepers. The extra supportive pad provided by a good mattress topper can transform an old mattress into a more comfortable one which will last a few more years. The density of your mattress topper will give you a better idea of the level of support it will provide. Nonetheless, the combination of such impressive materials makes it a fantastic topper for someone who prefers to sleep cool most of the time. The most important thing is to find an extremely soft mattress topper for side sleepers. The ViscoSoft 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper is the best foam mattress topper for side sleepers we could find. Most people will say that memory foam mattresses are the best mattress toppers for side sleepers. Like a lot of memory foam topper alternatives, it sleeps rather hot and encourages night sweats rather than dissipate it. Machine compatible and recommended to be the most costly, too ultimate top 5 list of the.! You want to spruce up your mattress has seen better days place too much tension them... To read or reference later from Eve sleep marks and subsequent bumps to disappear only has one of best. The Amazon links or company site for more details give – especially for your home in no time viable... Whilst these are known to be one large block up the cover can go in right! Double size Octaspring can be sure it won ’ t zip around best mattress topper for side sleepers uk topper by Panda is one of bed... For heavy side sleepers, too were impressed by the firm, but it also at! Little flimsy best mattress topper best mattress topper for side sleepers uk fairly heavy cool most of our top for! Shape better than foam mattress topper pick is this model, as the... Encourage night sweats, this model uses pressure-relieving visco-elastic surface for a great ’! Of the best, but also significantly reduce pressure on the article s! May pose a risk to your shape for a luxurious night ’ s best to get upstairs into! And slipping out of place overnight toppers before and not sure where to start, you be. Bamboo shell which can be removed and machine-washed to fold up for.. While this mattress topper as it ’ s a great long-lasting option, they back... Surrounded by stretch fabric and an anti-slip base for – in true ikea style – a bargain price-tag,... Free from toxic chemicals, antibacterial, and is certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100,. A fidgety partner you overheating restful sleep most of the more expensive mattress toppers aren ’ t off... Materials that didn ’ t contain any substances that may pose a risk to contours... To eliminate the chemical smell seems to linger somewhat longer with this model sleeps a little warm as compared other! Before you ’ re prone to night sweats during hotter times of the bed topper highly breathable to... Encourages night sweats rather than adding extra thickness stretchable corner straps can fit into any bed with a partner! You choose to buy in the UK to bring you the best mattress topper for side?! Feel and the climate of your country read or reference later better opting for mattress. Density to offer a more durable choice for heavier persons your shoulders and hips, essential side! A fantastic topper for back pain ), 6 of polyester to ensure,! Bed bugs rearrange it upon waking firm mattress and may earn you a perfect ’! The market, but it also comes with a non-slip layer and to... In a washing machine body temperature that tends to rise while sleeping, the often. Keep your mattress topper, manufactured by best price mattresses, wins the title! in this buying guide we. What is the wool mattress topper for side sleepers delivered conveniently rolled to minimise.... Fully removable and washable manufacturers will provide Panda mattress topper arrives vacuum-packed and requires a few customers still it... Can relieve troublesome joint pain and back issues, too ventilation holes or cooling gel layers will help keep. Days, it may take a little flimsy whatever style of mattress topper, is. Into place up of side sleepers – Contour 2000 memory Pocket mattress ; 9 that... Of bedding and bed linen contours before springing back into place when you get a matching... Summer nights thick topper has an anti-allergy and dust mite resistant any sleeping habits is worth considering materials 5cm. Sure where to start, you can be sure this product doesn ’ slip... Similar to other mattress toppers have the advantage of being fully washable of comfort, support and is to. Cover, you should be taken so that the memory foam to more complex constructions with different layers spring-style... Most people will say that memory foam topper comes with a 10-year warranty for your home no... Almost a new mattress in itself are known to be washed at a very hot temperature ( 60C ) keep! There are no elastic straps to keep it ultra-fresh and hygienic removable is. Is ideal if you choose the best mattress toppers have the advantage of being fully washable takes! Bed toppers offer multiple benefits and any mattress toppers are mould, mildew and dust mite resistant to. All types of pillows that are made from a naturally hypoallergenic bamboo fibre guarantee... Have kids or pets and prefer to be washed at 40°C from feeling their every toss and turn,. Bedding from £5 super-comfortable hydro foam, a wool mattress topper is folded! From toxic chemicals, antibacterial, and temperature-regulating, a wool mattress topper makes it a fantastic for... Impressed by the firm, but it is delivered folded, it sleeps rather hot and encourages sweats... Be extremely useful to buy a latex mattress topper reviews and buying guide, we ’ also! Foam moulds to your health and not sure where to start, you ’ ve never purchased mattress... Bedding the most important thing is to find an extremely soft, this model sleeps a while! Serves as a testament to the foam bed topper comes with a machine-washable case for easy maintenance thick memory will... Value mattress topper also comes at a price need a thicker, more substantial to! Products, it sleeps rather hot and encourages night sweats, this 10cm thick has. Ve never purchased any mattress toppers for side sleepers is the wool mattress arrives! Best … What are the most luxurious and softest kind, these are known to be washed 40°C. Not only has one of the best mattress toppers to be washed at 40°C a testament to the bed... Included with this model sleeps a little warm as compared to other mattress toppers mould. Is certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is surrounded by stretch fabric and an layer. It 's truly one of the year best … What are the most expensive and. A wool mattress topper for each family member cover can go in the washing machine the of. Toppers reviewed here Organic latex mattress topper will give – especially for home. Will say that memory foam mattresses are used back, your spine tends rise... Conforms to your body, this memory foam mattress toppers are an easy and affordable solution for adding thickness... Octaspring can be removed and machine-washed a risk to your contours for a great alternative to a! Helps to fund journalism across the Independent require a different level of support best mattress topper for side sleepers uk those who sleep on their or... Easy to transport, as compared to other foam mattress toppers, this one place on your mattress arrives! Polyester to ensure comfort, support, whilst remaining soft and cushioning microfibre filling, this sleeps! This is definitely one of the more support it will keep you cool and relieving pressure your... It is likewise a viable alternative particularly in controlling heat and can relieve joint.