5 talking about this. Home: Located in Southern Spain, Ibizian Hound Rescue is a registered animal charity. If you would like to have a dog listed here, please contact the rescue chair and provide the following information: Call Name, Age, Sex, Coat Type, Color, City/State of residence. We fundraise to help the Spanish rescues and adopt galgos and podencos to the US. We will work dissemination and public awareness for better relations between owners and non-pet owners. GPS is a project of SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs), a registered public charity, which provides non-profit status. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. We will promote and cooperate in every activity that involves the welfare of animals in general and growing awareness towards these. Ibizan Hound Rescue. After receiving their treatment, depending on each case, they are vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped. Casa de Postas is a small animal shelter located in the   Sevillian countryside, where our rescued dogs live in a familiar environment waiting for their opportunity to start a new life. High quality Podenco gifts and merchandise. Yes, we are GALGOS del Sol but we know first-hand that podencos are as maligned as the galgos. They actively seek sponsors to help care for their poor puppies and dogs through a recurring payment sponsorship program or through donations towards veterinary costs and the work that goes into readying the dogs for re-homing. Once they learn that they are in their forever homes, they become the consummate companion who seeks affection and is eternally grateful to be part of a family. Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Spanish hunting dogs since 2007. Little sweetie Pip is a tan and white, short-coated Podenco girl, who has a lovely disposition and is happy living and playing with other dogs. We have always preferred to foster rescues in our own home and have attempted to keep their numbers within reason. List of Podenco Rescue and Rehoming Associations; Podenco Andaluz - big dogs in a small body; Podenco Campanero - one of the big guys; Podenco Malagueno or Ibizan Malagueno; Podenco Maneto - a big personality on little legs! While they can be a bit timid with strangers, Podencos are loyal to their … The groups regularly scour perreras (kill stations) for galgos and podencos; the dogs are consistently found in horrendous condition. Podenco Rescue were also involved with liasing the adoption process and Beryl from Galgo News helped with publicity. Your family will love them. ARGOS was born therefore to provide a solution to the overcrowding of the traditional shelters. Wir retten Podencos aus spanischen Perreras. Our dogs are vaccinated, chipped and negative for disease unless noted. Sterilized, vaccinated and with controls of Mediterranean diseases (leishmania, filaria, micro-filaria, erlichia and anaplasma). The plight of podencos in Spain is heartbreaking. They are considered an integral part of the Portuguese people’s survival through the centuries and are still widely popular there today. Yet we see them for sale on second hand web sites for a little as 20 euros or to be used as a commodity to exchange for car parts. Independantly from each other, Maria Casares and Ulrika Schofield spotted a young, rough coated Podenco named Ray on Facebook who was awaiting death in the killing station in Valencia. Rescuing and caring for abandoned dogs is an ongoing expense that we wish we could manage on our own, but simply can’t without donations. They both set about finding a rescuer for him but found themselves stonewalled at every turn. The “lucky” ones are abandoned to their fate, many others are brutally mistreated or killed. Podenco Canario for sale in United States. Pip is a 2 year old male Ibizan Hound (Podenco). They do not have their own kennels or property in Spain but use a privately run kennel establishment in Zaragoza, where their dogs are superbly well cared for, thanks to our friend Pilar Sanchez Gomez and her team of ADALA Zaragoza. Then the detective work begins of discovering what the dog's routine is, leaving food, checking back to see if the food has been eaten and hoping for a sighting. Maria Casares and Ulrika Schofield, Founders, Zaragoza. Our galgos, after being rescued from the dog pounds and off the streets, are checked by a vet who perform all the basic tests for the most common illnesses such as distemper, filarial, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, lyme disease and leishmania. was founded in Seville on February 24, 2010. Galgopod | spreading awareness of the galgos and podencos ... ... % For information about DdeVida and their available dogs, please visit their, For information about Ibizan Hound Rescue and their available dogs, please visit their, Many rescued galgos and podencos may not have suffered long-terms effects from their pasts and happily adjust to their new lives. SOS Podenco Rescue was formed in September 2013 and came about purely by chance. For information about Galgos en Familia and their available dogs, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook. We have always preferred to foster rescues in our own home and have attempted to keep their numbers within reason.Our attempts are now futile as the need to help abandoned podencos is simply at critical mass. Every year in Spain, thousands of galgos and podencos are abandoned, abused and slaughtered after a short, recreational hunting season.