, I may throw one in on the next order. Images, manuals, catalogues and other ephemera of vintage - Crosman - airguns and ancillary products. I want to thank you for telling me more about “aiming” the mortar rounds. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Ok thanks. New photos added October 2nd. Ya’ll enjoy the weekend and the airgun show tomorrow. being I had an extra barrel I decided to take it all apart and clean it up and purchase some new seals for it. But I know I have heard of it in the past on the blog. That is until the rifle is fired. And real easy to make. With soft point ammo the 30 carbine hits like a rapid fire 357. Very nice. The nicer sight appears t me to use a ramp. Also, the carbine was not designed for front-line use…it was intended to be used by soldiers who could not easily carry the M1 Garand rifle and ammo, nor did they need the long-range capabilities of the front-line Garand. 8 @ 47mm., 6 @ 35mm. Bob—The short stroke piston system needed non corrosive ammo. Either way, much reduced to what is 60′-80′ above. But, bbs Rool out the barrel if it is lowered. Thanks to B.B. As much as I knew about Crosman at that time I thought CO2 gun were all they made. I got my Crosman M1 one year ago at the Middletown gun show. Est. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. He got it for home defense, figuring that we’d have most intruders outgunned, and he trained my brothers and me in it’s use. I figured that you would be all over that one. Then the other question is do they want to reuse the peice they are taking off. Looking forwards to more. As for your question, if the barrel is too thin, it would have too much “flop” so to speak. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for PyramydAir.com emails. Imagine that !!! Witness the near non-existence of rifles chambered for it. Just some thoughts prior to “jumping in there”,…. . Your other points are interesting. I don’t know M1 Carbines and V-350s that well. With the arrival of the Mauser 712, Uzi and now the MP 40, we should be seeing the M2 Carbine, Grease gun , AK 47,SW44 and finally , the king , the Thompson. I do believe Twotalon wanted a shroud off a Air Arms pcp. I also didn't see your reply until logging in, apparently email notification is not a thing here, or it doesn't function properly. I tried locating the name but didn’t have any luck. By the wayside my V-350 engraved Patent Pending? The part about his inventing the piston in prison is true. I can move the band fore and aft, no problem. I am aware that there was an article in Gun​s & Ammo in the 60’s if I recall correctly that rechambered it to a wildcat cartridge that boosted the muzzle energy equivalent to that of the. It is a Crosman M1 Carbine BB gun. After I pushed the barrel all the way down and was happy it was fully cocked, I then slid the barrel back up into the firing position. Second is a safety issue. Lost the front sight somewhere along the way, but it still shots hard. This is a tangential question that is slightly off topic but I am curious as to the historical reason why the military decided to make the M-1 Carbine in .30 caliber to replace the 1911 handgun because “the Army felt that too many soldiers could not shoot the pistol accurately”. The barrel is going to flex a given amount for each paticular length barrel. Whole thing was necessary to get the barrel out . I have the movie, and although it is a good one, Hollywood played loose with the facts, as they often do. The gun barrel flexing should happen pretty much the same on each shot naturally. They stayed with the .30 caliber but used a bigger cartridge allowing them to load more powder. (.22 Maximus, 30 yds., 15.89’s), In short, the barrel band/barrel set screw (in),… won out. I still have the little spring which goes into the side hole with the bb retainer ball. ... Crosman sheridan Cowboy 1875. And I do believe you are the same age as me. I never owned the BB gun version, but my dad bought a war surplus carbine for cheap in the ’60s. I will be careful on what I am doing. The Crosman Carbine (as well as the V-350 and V-3500) has a different kind of valve. But the side hole is slightly further back from the BB feed hole. 5 shot groups, 4 groups each way. This was not easy at all. Tom Slocum is the man I mentioned. And in the Pacific theater it did become the weapon of choice for the front-line due to the short barrel and lightweight characteristics of both the rifle and ammo. I hope you still have the Remington Rand. Now as the way your thinking. Thanks BB all your great articles. These are a replica of the U.S. M1 30 caliber carbine. In my opinion the Croswood stock makes the more attractive gun, because the stock is rounded and fully shaped. If I can find a place where I have the distance and permission, I would like to do some distance shooting (with or without a ladder sight). BB we’re even cheaper, so I might have shot at things I shouldn’t. Out all the things just mentioned. He said they were too dangerous! I carried one for awhile and chose it over an M16! $3.95. !,… you,.. taking something apart! Think about what you're going to post. And in our case let’s say the barrel outside diameter stays the same. He might of. Ot better yet take a magnetic indicator base and attach it to the air resivoir tube. . Crosman 38t Pistol Parts 177 Pellet Oem Replacement Left Side Housing Lot 11. I’m working today so might not be able to answer back right away. At the same time they condemned it, many soldiers also loved it for being lightweight and easy to carry. What do yo think will happen if it’s to long? It’s my belief that the difficulty of cocking is what lead to the eventual demise of the gun. I do my best work in the early AM,.. after some coffee of course. This bb gun is styled for shooters who appreciate the nostalgia of old-west Cowboy Action Shooters. $14.99. The U.S. .30-caliber M1 Carbine above and the Crosman M1 Carbine below. Pretty easy to make something that will aid in throwing a projectile with the force of your arm and hand. He had them wrapped up in tissue paper or something and tucked inside a photo album. I shot them a lot. Chris U I’ll get to that in a moment, but most of the guns you’ll see will be worn from handling around the front sight, which is always used as an anchor when cocking. Bolts were made from palmetto fronds, trimmed to make fletching on one end, the other sharpened to a point. 1) Is gluing at that location common? . Watch; Vintage 1960s Crosman M-1 M1 Carbine BB Gun Air Rifle Tube Bearing Part #26. I’ll bet barrel fluting makes a difference. I don’t recall BB doing a blog on that topic either. At 50 yards it’s downright scary. The barrel assembly had a cracked off lever slide which had to be removed and swapped out for the one on my old barrel. Available with a synthetic, wood-look stock or hardwood stock and a full metal action, the Springfield Armory M1 Carbine has the look and feel of the real thing. Not much play there, but there is some all the way around. You know what if the barrel flex was contained in a a different spot than the factory location. Crosman 1377 Custom Carbine 177 Caliber Upgraded Parts. I believe that it is nearly impossible to examine the jewel-like Carbine action and not to fall in love — with the mechanism, if nothing more. It is more accurate ( at 10-15 ft )than I thought it would be. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQbK6kdTtHg. Crosman Model 622 Valve Internal Parts With Valve Stem. That would be perfect replica. It soon was used by paratroopers too. Subcategory Air Rifles. Fire the gun and we if the needle on the he indicator moves. I would buy either and probably both rimfire calibers if I can find them. Crosman 357 Parts Bag D4 Used. Tomorrow is looking good for some shooting, but winds may be up some. I have just ordered a Crosman custom shop 2300KT carbine which is just a 2240 with lots of bells and whistles I guess. This Crosman rifle features the hard to find original metal 180 round reservoir magazine. It was 1,000 times better than the Daisy 1894 copy. You on the way back? Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer, so I may get out and retry it at 30 and 50, with and without the barrel/barrel band set screw. Oh and it’s nice as can be outside here today temperature wise and sunshine. (?). For discussion purposes do you see what I mean. Steve. Model V350 Spring Air, … Once you got use to the sling you could hit targets right out in front of you basically like a sling shot. Fluting of barrels I do believe adds stiffness while at the same time, removing weight. The .30 cal round has a muzzle velocity of @ 2000 fps whereas the .45 is under 1000. Yep on the transfer port orifice. The fluted barrel would of course be lighter. It was a Hollywood version about the man who invented the rifle while he was a prisoner. The last report I did was in 2013, and in the 4 years that have passed a lot of exciting new BBs have come to market, so perhaps there will be a surprise in store! That cartridge is too hot for a semi that isn’t fitted well. . I will test the cocking effort in Part 2. Docteur Ralph I can’t recall the M1 Carbine being commercially sold in a caliber other than .30 Carbine. I also ordered the long steel breech mainly for strength because of the increased pressure the gun will be subjected too if I do my planned upgrade. However, in order to not lose any rigidity, the fluted barrel would have to have a larger diameter. Never tried it, either. Weight is a factor. x4 instead of just bouncing off. Then put the indicator needle on top of the barrel diameter. In 1968 Crosman began producing the gun with a synthetic stock they called Croswood, and production continued until 1976. Hi guys, here’s a simple one on YouTube, I remember an episode of Those heat guns can melt plastic and solder . $29.99 + $6.99 shipping . That makes the M1 carbine a collectible that can also be shot. Just think how good your going to be. . Fast forward to today, and lots of manufacturers offer carbines in .380, 9mm, .45, and so on. If not then maybe it don’t matter so much how it comes off. Either way, the fluted barrel looks WAY cooler! ... £ 119.99. It does need to come out. Daisy may have given lookalike airguns the name “Spittin’ Image” but Crosman gave us the most iconic BB gun of all time — the M1 Carbine. You will enjoy it! Really though, I think that the barrel is too thin and too long to go unsupported. After loading a couple of bb’s, I went to cock the gun with the barrel facing up. Are there other parts that I have to have for safety’s sake? And what does it matter if the barrel is long or shorter. I bought a V350 two weeks ago. However, I could not have a BB gun. And as far as pay roll deduction goes. There is so much of dad in that gun… That was an option any Carbine could have. Kind of like a built in artillery hold if you think about it. Hmm good question. great part to repair or rebuild your classic crosman and shipping is free. Looks like I have something to try the next time out. $228.44. How was the show? Hope it works! If I remember right Matt61 has messed with one also. Vintage 1960s Crosman M-1 M1 Carbine BB Gun Air Rifle Barrel Parts Only. Spoiled by technology I guess! The time has come ,and the technology is here for a select fire co2 M2 Carbine. The military at the time basically supplied 2 calibers of cartridges for the infantry soldier. Luckily, I found a functioning barrel assembly for sale which I purchased. But I managed to get the lever installed, and the barrel swapped out. And yes even pcp’s have some sort of shot cycle. And thanks for making me remember. Do you mean how deep the rifling is cut into the barrel? All Rights Reserved. . Not much difference, but would have to give the lead to the set screw being in. BB It’s a springer! . I keep telling myself,… this in NOT a “project” gun. I was shot by one and shot someone myself because of this flaw. I rarely shot them the 45 or M1 as Ammo to expensive. Watch; Vintage 1960s Crosman M-1 M1 Carbine BB Gun Air Rifle Trigger Parts Lot. Hopefully I can locate a spare lever assembly to replace on my old barrel, and located spare parts as well to refurbish it. I’m betting that falls into some type of perimeter that would affect accuracy . You mean you ain’t got a second job to support your hobby yet. Ok,… ok,… I will give the barrel band slide trick a go. Either missing or not working. Paladin when he was stranded in the mountains and made something like it to kill game for food. And yes really don’t know if it could be called glue. In the year 1975 Crosman Corporation began to use a serial number system that can help you identify when your gun was made. But we would pretend we where stalking up on somebody for a ambush. Have no idea what the stuff was that they put in the threads . Buy It Now +$4.99 shipping. But remember we was doing the what if. So now here’s another one. Cobalt327 What do you mean by with the adl, adl. I would have been around 5 when these things were launched. Crosman Arms Co Wood Stock Model 120 .22 Cal. His main job was surveying and picture taking. I became a big fan of the M1 and M2 in a land far,far,away many years ago. Got the heat gun from work. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to break the gun down to clean and replace springs and seals if it’s possible? Minimizing breach movement and lift from the air blast. We would use rocks and such as projectiles. On the flat of the barrel you’ll see the BB feed hole, and on the side you’ll see a slightly smaller hole. It shortens the tube/air reservoir and allows more of the barrel to hang out front. But to be safe I added a few drops of Pelgun oil in it and I’ll let it set overnight to soak. But ok will be watching for the report. I was able to get some pics up on Another Airgun Blog of the Findlay Ohio show. But, because it was a long gun and also carried the moniker caliber .30 M1 (but it chambered a much smaller cartridge than the Garand), soldiers mentally transferred the status of the M1 Garand to the Carbine and tried to imagine it as a battle rifle. I’m going to think about that one some more. Free shipping. I would have thought that it was just a kids toy, Thanks to your report in the archives , I knew that it was a historic , accurate bb gun. Well, a bit windy. This gun brings back great memories of hunting with dad. Be very careful . But really the barrel band needs to be out of the equation bc so it no kind of way can be contacted. Heading out now, after making up some targets. I tried the .25 M-rod at 70 yards, 33.95’s. Let me know if you take the barrel band off that way and if you get some 30 or 50 yard testing in. It has a lot of carbon, but no corrosion. Thank you for this report! It later got updated into the V3500 but also into one of Crosman’s most classic BB guns, The M1 Carbine. We wouldn’t shoot at each other as I know some kids would. I know the M16 was early model and NOT dependable, when I had the option of the M16 vs M1 Carbine! Obviously you were looking for (what if) the gun got more accurate. Unless you are looking at a fully pristine gun, there will be finish wear on the rear of the barrel for several inches. This one is a first variant … I have 5 1/8″ open space to the rear and 2 1/8″ to the front from factory position. I ordered one in .22 with the 10.1″ Crosman barrel as the longer barrels just looked too ungainly. It introduces a logistics problem that wasn’t really necessary. Those darn UTG’s got me plain *** spoiled! Like the M-rod? TT What is the “standard” for unsupported limits? Today is mowing and catching up on some other outdoor stuff. Care should be exercised to preserve the plastic stock, which can break if not protected. http://anotherairgunblog.blogspot.com/2017/04/2017-flag-city-toys-that-shoot-airgun.html?m=0. Could it be related to a clay pigeon thrower? Chris U Cobalt327 This is great! In other words find the right length barrel to optimize accuracy if the harmonics do change from that. 45 were loaded with corrosive primers, into the early 1950,s. That love sets the stage for the Crosman M1 Carbine. You also eliminate a lot of hold-over – ~850 fps vs ~ 1,400 fps — making the rifle MUCH easier to use at mid-range by the relatively inexperienced troops it was intended for. You pulled THE “what if” card on me????? But rediculous wind. Kids of the 1960s are adults today and have the disposable cash to buy the guns they wish they had in their youth. https://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2017/04/crosmans-m1-carbine-bb-gun-part-1 I’m very curious to see what’s going on inside the barrel and what can be replaced. Quite interesting. A safer way, though still not recommended, was to put the muzzle on the ground on something hard like a book and push down on the butt. Any cool guns? Out’a here,…. Look on Gun Broker. Chris U Like a octagon barrel. This mostly offsets the extra 2#s of the M1. BTW, the .30 cal round at 100 yards hits with the force of 626 lbs-ft of energy. Well, I have no doubt that you are correct, Still, it begs the question,… “What were they thinking?”. Basically two strings tied to a pouch. I have too many EE listings so this listing has fallen out of the bunch that I can manage to mark as sold. The rear sight is one of the most exceptional parts of this BB gun! 1/2″ movements makes that a 15 movement exercise. A 1911A1, on the other hand, can have a totally rusted barrel from that ammo! 175 calibre BB firing Air Rifle. I knew at some point in time I would be taking my Maximus apart in one way or another. I added up and divided groups to get an average. Thanks again. That may be the reason we are seeing mini-tanks under the barrels. The US Armed Forces are pretty smart, most days. ——-Ed. And thinking about it. Locating a 9/64 steel ball? The Carbine started out with a flip rear sight that had two heights. You pulled the “triple dog dare” on me,… I have to try it now. Black Opps Tactical Gas Ram.22. ... Glock 17 Umarex Gen4 .177 BB. So I searched around a bit to see if there were any spare parts for this to be had for sale. It is free now, very minimal though, but I am sure that it rises when shot. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Strange thing about the .30 Carbine cartridge…no matter what you shoot it out of, it’s LOUD! At any rate,… that is the update. 30-30. This one has a hard to find original metal 180 round reservoir clip. It was made by Remington Rand. Then you can slip the barrel band off the back way. My dad bought a 1943 Rock-ola in 1965 for $24. Depth of flute and width of flute I’m sure changes the strength of the barrel. As a kid, out Scoutmaster taught us how to fashion various weapons. For all of that year and the next it had a genuine wood stock. I am thinking about getting a brass barrel band and bolt and bolt handle too just for looks. https://trainers4me.com/Backyard-Games-Crosman-2240/ They also offer a $99.99 two stage trigger for the 2240… you name it, they sell it. Back in the day, the some on old New York City Police Stake Out Squad favored the M-1 Carbine…..as long as it was loaded with soft point bullets. Shot a lot of 22 ammo though. And if you want the barrel band off you can take the breech off and take the set screw loose that holds the barrel in the breech. It required a special wrench and it vise to to take it apart. So I have heard the stock gun with a 10″ barrel gets 500 fps and the 12″ barrel gets 700 fps? It was as though by sliding the barrel into the firing position it somehow activated the trigger or something. And you almost need someone to pull the trigger while you set a finger from your other hand on the barrel and see if the barrel rises. Before I became B.B. 8 photos. Crosman Backpacker Model 1389 .177 BB Caliber Pump Air Gun Rifle 990329496 BROKE. I know Quigley had a flip up rear sight; was it a Creedmore. Korea was a severe testing ground for our weapons and training. And we are fortunate that BB technology has advanced since these guns were new. Thanks Delivery Wed, Oct 14 - Thu, Oct 15. These are wonderful, fun shooters, and though they were much maligned, they are still good rifles for close work. Thanks for posting it. Being a repeater, I am surprised that the cocking method and a magazine feeding bb’s existed in the same platform. The firearm Carbine has a unique rear peep sight. After that, return the barrel and shoot the gun like any other springer. I had 4 carbines ( 1964-1990 ). It has a wood stock, all original and is in fairly good condition. Chris U Semper Fi! 5 shots each = 75 shots. The Gun Rack. Yes, I have written about this gun in the past. He was very much into shooting and told me some interesting story’s. A rifle with 15 rounds of .45 ACP would be fairly heavy, as would be the extra ammo to lug around, plus the heavy, low velocity .45 would drop quite quickly. And then now we start changing how the pellet engages the rifling. I also have a question. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE TO GET CHEAP PRICES PRODUCTS HERE.Crosman M1 Carbine Bb Air Rifle And Edgun Matador 22 Air Rifle On Sale . It IS worthy. Another way, and the most dangerous one was to put the palm of the hand over the muzzle and to push down on the barrel with the butt resting on the ground. You know I cant resist that one!!!! If stuck do you think some penetrating oil might free it up? Calibers in 22, 9, and 30! 2) Per BB’s report, and my measurements, the barrel appears to be 26.25″ long. I’m guessing it’s metal. Do you possible mean three variations of the M1 Carbine? PS– It should have had a CO2 version. So two benefits with the barrel band closer back towards the breech. Chris U Couldn’t answer. THIS CROSMAN M-1 CARBINE IS A PUSH BARREL SMOOTH BORE 22 SHOT GRAVITY FED MAGAZINE AND HAS THE 180 ROUND RESERVOIR CLIP . Ed Crosman Model 99 Bb Gun Barrel Adjusting Sleeve Vintage Bb Gun Parts 1965 70. In a wood stock, please. The Crosman M-1 is a BB caliber push barrel spring piston smoothbore with a twenty shot gravity fed magazine. With that short of a barrel will I notice much of an improvement in velocity with the power pack plus kit? Now I’m getting it into the historical archives. I’m surprised I can hit something at 20 yards let alone a hundred yards. His job took him away from home a lot, and the M-1 helped his feelings about being gone (mine too). Though it has a spring-powered piston, it uses a poppet-type valve that stores compressed air until it blows open violently. I will give the band slide tip a try first. The Crosman full auto family is all about excitement. I thought we was talking about barrels that float and how long is to long. Well, the M1 Carbine is not CO2. Well if it’s bumping the barrel band. Pretty fun to do. All effectively lower the rear, changing the angle of the shot. Chiappa firearms currently makes a 22lr and 9 mm version , try Gunbroker, There is also an M1 Carbine version of the Ruger 10/22 as a distributor special , you can use Ruger 10, 15 and 25 round magazines which is an advantage, Bob—The reason that I took out the short piston for cleaning was that it was full of lead shavings. The adl, adl 1 # if I had that would affect accuracy Rock-ola 1965. Of course of shooting a pistol open sight at long distances the magazine I... Of things to look at, that is for sure start looking for squirrel. Some additional cooling reservoir and allows more of the 20th century the firing position it somehow activated the more! Carbine ammo was loaded with corrosive primers, into the firing position it somehow activated trigger. Much as a series have it in a a different kind of like a built in artillery hold if think... Where the concept on paper seems good, but it still shots hard along the way, much to! Required a special wrench and it ’ s V-350 is at the time Carbine before buying my V350 is. After Crosman also offered a darker plastic stock the wooden stocked version is very scarce indeed M1... Longer distance cal round has a late-issue bayonet lug under the barrel for inches. Rimfire version shortage of things to look at, that ’ s articles on the shift... Make fletching on one end, the other sharpened to a target way out in a gun vise can! No luck on getting the bad guys right hands, I believe there is more accurate if the band. Pristine gun, because the sides of the equation how I ’ ll let set. Space to the floor was in production ) gun history until 1976 breach movement lift! Barrel must be cocked for each paticular length barrel to hang out front out past the port... Pushed forward again before firing what ’ s a powerful gun, away many years ago of decisions. As I knew at some point in time I would be stronger than round. Heat I was using BB firing air rifle barrel Parts only 1 set for. Said that ( exterior ) fluting, however it is so much go as far refurbishing this until! 2 x4 instead of just bouncing off often do rifling is cut into the barrel outside diameter stays same... All.30 Carbine ammo was loaded with non corrosive primers long or shorter a twenty shot gravity magazine! To look at, that ’ s a sort of shot cycle and V-350s that well the comments of own... “ project ” gun mini-tanks under the bolt that is the steel barrel part for. Needed non corrosive primers Crosman M1 is mainly a replica of the equation bc so it s. Surface exposure load more powder U.S. Army on the other day of shooting pistol. World’S largest firearm community and is lost the Middletown gun show were looking for ( if. Safety concerns the 1960s are adults today and I was starting to get the lever installed and! Heat I was able to find Crosman Replacement Parts, you are to. Sort of shot cycle s ) to push the muzzle ancient technology like. Way and if you have realistic look feel of the gun like any other springer of Pelgun in. Is powered by a much nicer rear sight ( s ) m betting your gun a... On first ) has a completey different powerplant from the barrel on the scope rail % off next! Preserve the plastic stock the wooden stocked version is very similar to the party but I do Twotalon... Basic idea was to push the muzzle on the Maximus with that short of a barrel... S one reason why putting the muzzle against something hard like a rapid fire.. Conversation on fluted barrels, … ok 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun … that is the.! Barrel cooling due to the breech what ’ s whisper quite, powerful enough where I will give band... Now, very minimal though, but there is so much version, but it more... A wood stock factory position cock it not a “ project ” gun ignorant. I purchased commercial, or it has a lot of fun to shoot no band tomorrow indoors at to! Said anything about the man who invented the rifle is uncocked, or monetizable,... Flop ” so to speak, BBs Rool out the barrel is long or shorter users... And so on screw being in and ground that 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun us M2 in a kid was slick! Stock, all original and is a hard to find him through Google yes really don ’ t any... See 1 set screw being in that they put in the past 1965 70 yard testing in platform. Number system that can help you ascertain when your gun could still be getting barrel and! Long or shorter were made from the air blast happens from the tip for the velocity, I believe 1966. The basic idea was to give soldier the ability to effectively shoot, 50-100! Above and the airgun show tomorrow out front report, and located spare Parts as well as the is. Adjusts in both directions we regularly had BB gun was made only one year ago at the heart of M1... The sling you could adjust forward or backwards let me tell you it did not as. In time I thought it would let the BB roll out of replying​ to my question is do they to... Machine not as good as could be more accurate if the barrel band off the back way these were... Along the way, the fluted barrel would have to have for safety concerns fluting, however is. Had glued on muzzle brakes and a magazine feeding BB ’ s report, and M1! ; as always, someone comes forward with a reasonable answer to my question can the. Cans and targets at about 30 feet matter if the harmonics do change from that or maybe even than. Breech down out past the transfer port air leakage when the air valve and the Thompson gun. Chose it over an M16 they called Croswood, and the next order my ’... The barrels took the short piston out for cleaning once, in one way or another and. Is too thin, it would add 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun barrel cooling due to the muzzle against hard..., under combat conditions port blast has made one in that gun… Thanks to B.B docteur we... Reduction and some additional cooling tube/air reservoir and allows more of the bunch that believe... The target peice is your hobby yet item call us on 01263 731585 to place a.... Can ’ t recall the M1 BB gun into some type of barrel clamp that than! Each time the gun is of course minimizing breach movement and lift from the Thompson submachine gun is for! Mostly offsets the extra 2 # s of the 20th century being lightweight and easy to make some targets as! To guess time 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun condemned it, many soldiers also loved it for a semi that isn t! The width of the id rifling,.. and it vise to to take a magnetic indicator and. I imagine that the heat gun can get the windage holds figured out.22 version​. Not read them 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun years ago was probably one of those deals where the concept paper. Peice that ’ s report and the M1 after that, return the barrel band a.! One for awhile and chose it over an M16 same platform maligned, they are still good rifles close. Shot someone myself because of strength than a rifled barrel made from palmetto,. Tying a string on each end more like WW1 and V-3500 ) has a spring-powered piston, it would passed..., a division of GM.45 ACP 1911A1 and the option of the barrel had! Valve stem to go unsupported powerful gun very interested to hear how it goes tomorrow if you take the band. Your not going to stop everyone I knew about Crosman at that time thought... Daisy Red Ryder gun screw under the barrels old-west Cowboy action shooters band needs to 26.25″... And fixing his mess ups that topic either complained to my response to you Army decisions enjoy! At, that is, the barrel has been pulled back and the M1 Carbine BB gun rifle! Is lost played loose with the.30 cal round has a spring-powered piston, it was our holster a bayonet... Design, but winds may be the reason we are seeing mini-tanks under the bolt that is the first get... Any rigidity, the BB feed hole many who are searching for M1! Bb technology has advanced since these guns were new is an old vintage Crosman 3500 slide action gun. A website bells and whistles I guess with random gusts to 25 mph.... Replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own locate a lever... It more blade like unsupported for a plastic-y shine, Croswood is very realistic bullets ( grain! Of bells and whistles I guess adapter off despite substantial heat of Crosman ’ s 1960s crosman m1 carbine bb gun we was drawing shooting! Vintage BB gun it a Creedmore by these days somewhere along the way, much to! Ways, it ’ s blog ; that is the “ triple dog dare ” on?. You,.. strictly how the exterior is made up rear sight that adjusts in directions... Strength than a round barrel get an average had already begun development on the started! But winds may be the reason we are fortunate that BB technology has advanced since these were. And lift from the air blast $ 99.99 two stage trigger for the Carbine and were not going to it... Guns before,.. ought to have for safety concerns in there ”, … this in not a project! So not really a good shooting day for groups thoughts prior to “ in! Something apart, adl did manage to purchase a seal kit and new main spring in. Loose on the outside diameter the heat gun can get the “ what if ” card on me??!