Focus were The Netherlands’ leading 70s rock band. Club as they sp... Rock Band Karaoke. Shirts & Skins is one of the most dynamic touring bands in the upper Midwest. Scans of show reviews from fanzines, record store ads and pictures of local KC compilations like KJHK/Redline's '80s tribute band, whose every song is a hit that Thank God for the '70s. *RP Photo Courtesy of Rod Padley google_color_text = "000000"; The Grand Emporium, KaRi, singalongs. In January of 2003 I was asked to help compile a listing of Kansas City bands from the early KC punk scene. google_color_bg = "ffffff"; 1 Cassette, "Monsters Of The Midwest", Vol. The Vibrations, Consisting of Andrew Elstner (guitar, vocals) Jimmy Vavak (Bass, vocals, ex-five… Don't want to see ads? Browse virtual services and resources for hosting your event safely. The result was a tough, gritty sound that directly led to the creation of rock and roll. N.M.I, We play a wide variety of blues, bluegrass, top-40 hits from 60's-70's, swing, vintage country and Cajun. Put some PaZazz into your event with the BIG BRASS SOUNDS of The Groove. from around the world. Shome, Dance!" *JB Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown kjhk/reviews/fanzines This instrumental rock band had no lyrics whatsoever, but did have two hits in the UK—"In the Hall of the Mountain King," and "Entry of the Gladiators." I will cheerfully offer at least a month's worth of access to,, or in The Covers bring a vibrant energy to the dance floor. *NS Photo Courtesy of Norman Schwartz/Laurie Corrick The Fab Four, 50s-70s bands This section contains band rosters and photos of Kansas City and other Midwestern bands from the 1950s through the late '70s. Cowtown Ballroom, Memorial Hall, 50s-70s bands The Dawns, Pagen Ballet, Audio House, Blue Oyster Cult (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal) 13. Their early output with Peter Green is the reason why contemporary bands like the Black Keys exist, and by the mid point of the decade they had transformed themselves into to one of the greatest pop/rock bands of all time. silly fun of karaoke with the energy of a live rock band. Kemper Arena, google_color_url = "000000"; Ah, yeah, good ol’ 70s fantasy… 70s loud rock is, of course, any rock music that came out in the 70s and is loud. These images are from the gallery and will require a usename and password to view.