The Effie Ironing Machine is a brand new concept – a domestic appliance designed for the home that irons your clothes for you. Set for release in April 2018, Effie is an automated ironing machine that dries and irons up to 12 different items of clothing at any one time. Effie Ironing machine is a new domestic appliance, that can dry and iron your clothes simultaneously. effie is a new domestic appliance that irons, steams and dries your clothes for you - the world’s first domestic automated ironing machine. effie is a new domestic appliance that irons your clothes for you. Do a lot of ironing? At the end of the day, whether the effie or any other clothes ironing machine will take off in a big way will depend on its ironing results, long-term performance, and cost. ... US$105.99 220V 1.6L High Capacity Removable Water Tank Sokany Steam Hanging Ironing Machine 0 review COD. Contents . A less-permanent alternative to a regular built-in ironing board is a removable ironing board that hangs over a closet door and folds out when in use. Irons are good for pressing dress shirts and trousers. Read full review “The FoldiMate draws clipped clothing into an inner chamber where a series of mechanisms robotically flip, fold, and flatten clothes into shape.” Our irons buying guide outlines the features you need. Hang your clothes up straight from the washing machine and press start – it’s as simple as that. A lot of things have changed over the years due to technology and all its improvements. Effie, sounds like a female name, irons … Source: Effie. Effie is the automated ironing machine and an invention of Rohan, Trevor, and three others. It uses contact heat, steam or both to remove wrinkles on clothing. SereneLife 1400 Watt Machine-1400W Dummy/Press for Shirts/Blouses and Much More, Dries and Irons Clothes Automatically in one Step SLIRX45, Gray 3.7 out of 5 stars 112 $81.43 $ 81 . If the thought of ironing has you considering shopping for a new wardrobe of wrinkle-free threads, clip your clothes to FoldiMate – a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine. fed up with ironing? Once you have washed yours clothes in the washing machine, you can hang them straight up in the Effie ironing machine, click … Vamien McKalin - 2017-10-08. 29 talking about this. Qoo10 - EFFIE IRONING Search Results : Furniture & Deco,Household & Bedding,Small Appliances Items now on sale at It is shaped like a narrow and sleek closet connected to an outlet. This emulates the steam ironing process. This gadget is very much an iron and its investors have claimed that it simply cuts down the ironing time by almost 95 … Best automatic Ironing machines: Number 1 is Effie. so are rohan and trevor, creators of hello effie. … Effie Automatic Ironing Machine. See what our members consider to be the most reliable brands. iron – effie can iron your clothes by contacting them and pressing the creases out. It’s probably one of the most disliked household chores, but nevertheless an important one. We lab test and review the latest steam irons to help you decide which is easy to use and gets creases out fast. Well, effie is an ironing machine. The iron you use doesn't have to be heavy to deliver a quality press. To make short work of crumpled shirts, blouses, trousers and even underwears. Effie automatic machine is designed by its specialized engineers as a fully working prototype, with a full version of loaded high-end technology. Many people in the UK are looking for the best steam ironing press. 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,433 $24.95 $ 24 . Best Steam Ironing Press UK Reviews. Reviews; Effie Robot Aims to Automate Clothes Ironing. Basically – any clothing that requires a crease. Effie has been designed by engineers Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth, both 27. A sturdy ironing board is necessary – the space required for one puts the iron at a slight disadvantage compared to a compact steamer. How we test explains how we get our results. But a company announced an invention with a beautiful name Effie. The Effie Awards Dinner and Presentation will now take place on Friday 30 October, dependent on the current restrictions on public gatherings being rolled back by that time. Read Effie book reviews & author details and more at rohan and trevor, creators of hello effie present the all new effie iron -- the world’s first domestic automated ironing machine. A new gadget called Effie has surfaced which has the unique ability of drying and ironing as many as 12 separate pieces of clothing at once.This is certainly a remarkable feat and it will help in solving the usual problem faced by millions of users on the global scale. - Buy Effie book online at best prices in India on It’s also a definite skill being able to efficiently get rid of all of the creases in a garment and not throw everything across the room. It uses contact heat, steam or both to remove wrinkles on clothing. According to its UK-based creators, you just hang damp clothes up in it – straight from the washer – and … So, an automatic shirt ironing machine would definitely be welcomed if it can produce perfectly pressed clothes or, at least, give the same results as the best steam irons. Steamer for Clothes, Vertically and Horizontally Ironing, Heats up in 15 Seconds, Dry Steam, 1200W Handheld Garment (Color Box May Vary). Free delivery on qualified orders. Ironing is a downright pain for many at the best of times, and a sheer nightmare at other times. Get ready to say goodbye to ironing forever, thanks to a new invention that promises to revolutionise the laundry. Incredible shopping paradise! Ironing, whether domestic or industrial, is a very tedious job to do. Effie will be able to dry and iron your shirts, trousers, t-shirts, blouses, short dresses, bedsheets, towels, pillowcases, and more. Inspired by the desire to make life easier using technology, Effie is a new automated ironing machine that irons your clothes for you – in fact, … the all new effie iron is the world’s first domestic automated ironing machine. By. 43 The creators of Effie Ironing Machine certainly do. Effie stands 4 ft and has 141 component to make your work easier. Buy the best and latest effie ironing machine on offer the quality effie ironing machine on sale with worldwide free shipping. Features and Specifications Model Number: 0384 Power: 1800W Dry and irons your clothes in one, simple step Gentler on fabrics for improved garment care Time-saving and cost-friendly solution Space-efficient design for easier storage Perfect for shirts, blouses, sweaters and more! Facebook. This type of ironing board is inexpensive but not as sturdy as a full, built-in ironing board. Effie is a new domestic appliance that can dry and iron clothes for you. What clothes will Effie be able to iron? Linkedin. steam – the machine […] WhatsApp. Effie is the world’s first domestic automatic ironing machine, the company says. Twitter. Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all … Effie is an upcoming robotic ironing machine. You hang your clothes straight out of a washing machine onto dedicated hangers and put them inside. Check out our steam station review. You can roll it wherever you want to use, as it consists of assembled wheels at the bottom edges However, for some strange reason, we are still manually ironing our clothes. They are turning to these to speed up the length of time it takes to get the ironing done. It can iron one garment in 3 minutes and can be loaded with up to 12 items at once. 1 x Main Unit. Steam Generator Ironing Boards; Minky Ironing Board UK Reviews; Best Steam Ironing Press. The best iron or steam generator to get your clothes as smooth and unrumpled as you are. Best iron 2021: the best steam irons and best steam generators. Effie quickly irons up to 12 items of clothing at once By Karl Utermohlen October 2, 2017 One of the personal care activities that most people hate or are too lazy to do is ironing . Rohan and Trevor with the Effie, their ironing invention (Picture: Eyevine) Ironing is dull as hell and is easily one of the most annoying things about being an adult. What is Effie? 1 x Weights Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth started working on Effie in 2015. There are quite a few different models to pick from. ‘Ironing is a problem of time and effort – it takes a long time and it is difficult to do,’ they explain.