If the unit was recently converted, contact your installer or local Gas Company to correctly convert the range or cooktop. Common causes of gas fireplace noises follow: A rumbling noise that occurs when the burners are on typically means that burners are dirty. Linear natural gas fireplace as the main heater for apartment? The traditional line of gas fireplaces from Regency offers classic fireplace designs with the latest in gas fireplace technology. Important: you must absolutely avoid altering the diameter of the hole in the gas jet in any way when carrying out this procedure. If even one of those things fails to be true about your gas stove, then you have a problem. It both reduces the pressure of the bottled gas to a pressure at which it can be used normally, and maintains that pressure constant, no matter what the flow rate of the gas you are using. The Ashely Hearth Vent-Free Firebox slides into the existing space of your woodburning fireplace (with optional insert kit) or can be installed in a specially-made niche for a gas fireplace. Upon starting it up the flame was pretty uneven, so the first thing I did was order new silica sand for the burner pan. However, aside from no flames at all, having an uneven flame is a common issue that can be caused by a … The gas burners need to be adjusted because the flame is uneven [one side of burned is higher then the other]. Are they no longer producing that even and consistent blue colour around the entire circumference of the flame cap? What can I do to fix that? How to Adjust a Gas Log Fireplace Flame Locate the gas log control knob. There is a risk of receiving an electric shock. If your hob is not producing a good quality flame and none of the other potential causes above have proven to be the issue, check the pressure regulator and change it if necessary. Heating. This style of open gas fireplace, without a glass front, adds to the overall atmosphere within a room. Living Flame Gas Fires. So, if the flame of the pilot stand looks rather like a candle flame than the flame on the gas hob, there is a problem with your fireplace system. i really don't know much about these things, but generally a gas burner has a series of holes. Maryland's best choice for gas fireplace repair. If your fireplace is new, there may be what is known as “off-gassing,” caused by residual factory paints burning off. Fixing your gas fireplace problems on your own is very dangerous, gas can be deadly, so please call us if you need help. Light the gas logs by turning the control knob to the "pilot" setting. Does it need to be cleaned or something? 4.8 out of 5 stars 92. If you have an older model of fireplace, when your gas fireplace shuts off and pilot goes out since it means you probably need to change your thermocouple. This component operates directly on the gas leaving the gas bottle. Gas fireplace flame uneven. Discover the various possible causes of this problem. Since this is your retirement home, picture yourself hauling wood and cleaning out ashes when you're 80 years old and waiting for hip replacement surgery. To remedy this problem and ensure the production of a good quality flame, unblock the jet using a small brush or – if that proves insufficient – by inserting a fine needle into the hole. When properly adjusted, it should supply the right amount of air to produce the correct gas/air mixture. This is harmless and should pass after a few fires. Bad quality flames are frequently caused by obstructions or blockages in the openings on the burner crown. Flame Fireplaces supply Luxury Fireplaces, Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves, Flue Systems and Chimney Products, as well as, Marble, Granite and Stone Products. If the holes are simply full of liquid spilt from a pan or water left over from cleaning, wipe the crown to enable the production of a good quality flame. You can contact us via e-mail if you have any questions ! 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I would think you should look at the burner to see if some of the holes are clogged. Will not relight immediately following shut down. But we can't seem to find anything in the ow … read more Conversely, if the flame is tall, weak, produces smoke, is reddish in colour and flickers a lot, there is not enough air in the gas/air mixture produced inside the burner. Is the glass milking up? The first potential cause of your problem to consider is a blocked gas jet. I just got an old house with a nice gas log fireplace. Hi all, I recently got my vented gas fireplace inspected repaired after moving into a new house. Skip to the content (519)-746-6000 24/7 Emergency Service Available. A thermocouple is a safety device and is a component of the ignition system. Should a gas fireplace flame be blue, red, or orange? The flames on your gas cooktop should be blue, strong, and perfectly even. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Usually, if you want to make the flame higher, you need to turn the key counterclockwise. A gas fireplace insert is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution for adding warmth and ambiance to your home. Authentic log fuel effect with maximum output of 4.6kW. Proudly made in Britain, the Ignite 5 gas stove is manufactured with a strong steel body and heavy duty cast iron door. Instead of burning wood in a fireplace, some homeowners choose to install fireplace logs fueled by natural gas or propane. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. There is no glass in the front. The fix could be a simple cleaning while other issues may require you contact your installer or gas service provider. Here’s how to adjust a gas fireplace flame colour, and which colours are dangerous. These can get blocked by dirt, fat/grease, spilt liquids and even residual water left behind after the hob has been cleaned. The gas-to-air ratio on a Heat-n-Glo fireplace determines flame intensity and color over and around the faux logs used to simulate a real, wood-burning fire. Schedule an Appointment Now with a Professionally Trained & Certified Technician. A fireplace can be a focal point for a gathering or a source of relaxation on a cold evening. Stanbroil Stainless Steel Natural Gas Fireplace Dual Flame Pan Burner Kit, 14.5-inch. Does this help? https://www.sos-parts.com/gas-stove-burner-uneven-flame.html If it has changed color or a great deal of soot is collecting on the fireplace components, your gas company may need to inspect the gas line. If the smell persists, check that your chimney is not obstructed and is cleaned. Direct vent gas pipe, rain...is this safe. rise and run measuments, number of elbows, degree of elbows. Abundance of Soot. If the pilot light on your gas fireplace won’t stay lit, a very likely culprit is a component called a thermocouple. Have you been noticing for some time now that the flames produced by the rings on your gas hob are irregular and unstable? Hi guys,When I turn on my fireplace I have uneven flame in my natural gas fireplace. Sorry, i dont have a clue. Pro Spotlight: How to Infuse Your Home With Personal Style, Los Angeles' Eco-Friendly Full Service Landscape Professionals. Background: Heat & Glo Escape 42DV natural gas fireplace shuts off after 2-3 minutes. I googled that model number and got squat. Adjust the airflow according to the manufacturer’s instructions to increase oxygen flow and decrease gas flow. Its purpose is to not allow the gas valve to open if the pilot light isn’t lit. We can hardly see it. If you’ve found out your fireplace pilot light is bad you may try to fix it by yourself or call the maintenance. A stylish, neat gas stove that is perfect for combining within a fireplace or fitting free-standing on its own. If none of the potential causes above proves to be the source of your problem, there is one other possibility to check: a malfunctioning pressure regulator. Advanced ignition systems, thermostatic remotes, and highly adjustable heat outputs that make enjoying your fireplace all year round easy. Find your gas fireplace easily amongst the 786 products from the leading brands (Focus, Planika, Traforart, ...) on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases. I'm considering installing a gas log so I can enjoy my fireplace more often. Immediately turn off the gas line if you smell any malodors from the gas and ventilate the room. the gas is turned off but there is still a tiny flame in the fire place. If the openings are blocked by a non-liquid substance, first wash the crown, then unblock them using a fine tool (such as a toothpick for example). If the flame is unstable, short and low, lifts off the burner and makes a lot of noise, there is too much air in the mixture. I have the flame adjust nob dialed all the way up...the flame is just very light and blue. Maybe poke … If this hole is partially blocked (by liquid for example), the flow of gas will be affected, and this will end up having an impact on the quality of the flame, which will not burn correctly. Contact our chimney professionals to have your burners properly cleaned. Once lit, controlling the ambiance and amount of heat produced is a matter of adjusting the flame of the fireplace gas logs. Skyflame 12" x 6" Rectangular Gas Fire Pit and Fireplace H-Burner with 3 Pipes - 304 Stainless Steel - for Indoor & Outdoor Use. If you suspect the smell is gas, and the pilot light is on, you may have a gas leak. Wood logs do not burn with a blue flame colour, so a gas fireplace needs yellow or … My gas fireplace has a weak blue flame. An inset gas fireplace is a great interior design choice, whether you want to pay homage to period charm or just introduce an unmissable focal point. Also, how much if the glowing embers are in there? Creating that “Cosy” feel we all crave when sitting down on an evening to … We have a GE gas stove, model #JGB902BEH1BB. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Contact us ! There is a risk of getting cut or injured. After an hour or so, it will relight and then extinguish again after the same 2-3 minutes. whats the stove and model, and what is the venting configuration? Only a handful of flame colours. This causes the flame to take on a bluish tint, but if excess soot is a problem, the less authentic look could be worth it. Most of the flame concentrates on one side close to the pilot. Wear suitable protective gloves if you need to dismantle anything. Gas fireplace flame color is typically designed to burn with red flames, not blue flame, for a more natural look. It is perforated on top with a hole of a very precise diameter to ensure the gas is delivered at the correct rate. The result will be a stable, quiet flame that does not produce smoke and is bright blue at its core. Who is the manufacture? When the hole is blocked, its diameter is effectively altered, which means the gas will not be delivered to the burner at the correct rate. Depending on the particular problem you are experiencing, adjust the air shutter to allow either a greater quantity or a lesser quantity of air to enter the burner. Model number is EC plus 28C, CD, DCD, SI. If there is a roaring sound that occurs when the pilot light is on, it is usually because the flame needs to be adjusted. If the burner cup, crown or cap is misshapen, this can also lead to bad quality flames being produced. i know this is a stupid question but i have ever had a gas fireplace b4. $119.99 $ 119. Repair or replace the blower, if your fireplace has one, to get rid of grinding or shrieking. If the burner or oven flames are too high (ex. When working with natural gas, it’s often best to leave it to the professionals at Forrest Broseley Evolution Ignite 5 Gas Stove. There is nothing better than a live open flame gas fire to create a focal point for a room. 99. Due to the nature of gas being dangerous, we don’t recommend you repair gas fireplace problems on your own. is this a gas log retrofit in a wood burning fireplace? My vote is to buy a top-of-the-line direct vent gas fireplace and flip the switch anytime you feel a chill. touching or above the grate) or are uneven, this could be an indication the range or cooktop was improperly converted from a natural gas setting to LP (Liquid Propane). The jet (or injector, as it's also know) serves to inject the gas into the burner cup. dont ask how i started the fire- the fireplace wasnt working and i was gone when the maintance guy came to fix it and there was a fire going when i got home. It's a standard direct vent gas fireplace. This mixture of air and fuel adjusts by turning the valve inside the control panel of the fireplace. Photo by Michael Shannon on Unsplash How to adjust pilot light flame on gas fireplace. A gas fireplace flame color is yellow or red flames and is the exception to the rule. A gas jet that is not suitable for the hob can lead to a bad quality flame being produced in the just the same way as a partially blocked jet can. If this is the case, replace the jet with one specially made to suit your burner, appliance, type of gas, etc. I’ve been using it for the past couple days and noticed that the flame is super high only right near where the gas is coming into the burner. If your hob is equipped with an adjustable air shutter, this can cause the formation of bad quality flames if the primary air supply is not correctly set. Service, repair, inspections and more. Regularly observe the appearance of the fireplace flame, you should see a yellow/orange flame.