Active 3 years, 8 months ago. It just acts like it is not plugged in. All the troubleshooting guides and other people posting online about nail guns always mention air leaking from somewhere. clipped head nails in a full round tool or vice versa – or wrong nail angle e.g. Lubrication. The gun does nothing at all when the trigger is depressed. Clipped is 31 to 34 deg only 2) Worn Bumper (Only open the tool up at this point if the tool leaks out the nose when driver is The hammer on my Bostitch SB 1664 fails to return to fire position. I unjammed my gun ( just remove the nails, get the stuck nail out, and reload), no problem, I do it all the time. Check to make sure the driver blade is in the down position. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. The piston is oiled and I can move it smoothly with my finger. All guns only need a couple of drops before each day of use or per 1,000 nails. This is necessary or the tool will not fire. The most common failure of that problem is the large plate directly under the top cap. After pressing the trigger of your nail gun, it refuses to shoot, and you acknowledge it in the middle of driving nails. Gun does not work at all; Driver won’t retract after firing; Driver retracts slowly; Poorly sunk nails; Splitting wood; High air pressure can cause these symptoms: Air leaks; Broken parts or casing; Heavy wear . the pin/hammer does not retract into the body on it's own every time. Learning how to troubleshoot your DeWalt nail gun can save you the time and effort of contacting customer support, and get you back to your project in little time. My current nailer is a cheap Porter Cable model and it works fine with a 2 degree difference in the nails, as long as they are the required clipped head. There are quite a few "driver won't retract" questions that come up when Googled but I couldn't find any real solution. Senco nail guns require a 34 degree nail angle if nails are held together by paper components and 22 degrees nail angle if nails are held together by plastic components. Once you have the battery and fuel out of the nailer, push the driver blade all the way up (into the nailer) and test the tool. Did take out a wrong size nail since the jam it has failed. To shoot brad again-have to open magazine, open latch on top of nailer-manually push pin/hammer back into the body-close latch, close brad magazine then fire nailer. The tip of the driver sits near the end of stroke and only moves 1/2" with each trigger pull. It is not jammed. 1) Wrong nails used e.g. Try that and see if that is the problem, if not there might be an issue with the gun. A DeWalt nail gun is a great way to save time on home improvement projects, but only if it is working. - Empty the nailer - Put in a fresh battery and turn it on - Pull back the slide that keeps the nails in with one hand - Depress the safety nose with the other hand, make sure to keep your fingers clear - Dry fire the nail gun The piston should shoot out and then back in and the gun should be back to normal I then loaded my gun with #8’s and it always fired 2 nails, not one. Personally, I don't think it is the nails for just the 1 degree. Maybe just a broke O-ring on the trigger. Not one suggestion to check the trigger. When a nail gets caught in the gun or strikes an object and diverts, it causes a jam, and the nail gun not shooting nails. Nail gun driver doesn't return after firing. BA0096 is the part number. Can you tell me what the problem is? With the other gun not working, I ended up nailing the sheathing on by hand. Viewed 4k times 0. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Incompatible strip angles may exist if Senco nails are not being used. But, in my case, there is no air leaking at all. The likely cause of the driver not retracting is an exhaust component not properly sealing. Full Round is 20-22 deg only. Bostitch type 28 deg nails will not work. The air that exhausts out the top of the tool also pulls back the driver in a manner of speaking. If this does not solve your problem, you may be using the wrong fasteners. Check the strip angle of the nails being used in the nail gun.