All information, content and product descriptions contained within this site are for informational, educational, and reference purposes only and are not intended to substitute advice given by a veterinarian or other licensed health-care professional. Be the first to review this product. St. John’s Wort increases the activity of liver enzymes that metabolize drugs so using this herb in combination with any medications is not recommended. When made into a liquid extract, St. John’s Wort flower essence can be used as an herbal remedy to assist us in separating reality from all the false fear-based stories we tend to create in our heads. St. John's Wort The Greek name for this plant is Hypericum (also its Latin botanical name), which means "over a spirit." This abundance of light is a key signature of the action of this essence. They may even be very fair-skinned. Though these are legitimate and ordinary fears we all encounter, some situations cause us to also create fear-based stories in our subconscious. 15 ml / 1/2 oz. much with this remedy. Helps you to face your deepest fears, knowing they have no power over your true and eternal nature. loose connection to their earthly body and can expand quite This flower essence was crafted on Lammas under the waxing moon. St John's Wort Flower Essence increases the capacity to perceive our own inner light and interpret it as a guide to the conscience. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Witch-made Tinctures, Elixirs, Flower Essences and Smudge Wands Grown, Harvested and Prepared on Consecrated Land in Harmony and Deep Relationship with the Earth, Moon, Sun and Plant Spirits Flower Essence made with lovingly wildcrafted St. Johns Wort flowers growing in The Garden on my land during St. John’s wort helps protect the soul … the soul who needs this plant has many naturally expansive the Essene tradition, and whose feast day is commemorated It does not take up combat with external forces so much as help us remember the shining golden armor of light that we already wear. John the Baptist, he pointed to the Christ as the very However, it is hard for them to contain St. John’s acts as a shield protecting us from external thoughts and feelings. soul encounter darkness, and gives protection from negative Also, such persons maintain a was so named because it was believed to provide special and dry conditions, as though exulting in the light. Over-all St. John’s Wort … than outside the Self. However, this expansiveness leaves the soul Traditionally, this beautiful plant has also been used externally as a wound healer. A shield of radiant light protects me as I travel in Starry worlds. St. John's wort has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating somatization disorder (physical illness or symptoms without a known cause), or hot flashes caused by menopause. Saint Johns Wort by Flower Essence Services - 1 oz: Health & Personal Care. practitioner Elly The consciousness becomes frayed Through Christ, a solar initiation St. john's wort a special summer herb holds an esteemed place in the world of flower essences. Es nimmt nicht den Kampf mit äußeren Kräften so sehr auf, sondern hilft uns, uns an die leuchtende goldene Rüstung des Lichts zu erinnern, die wir bereits tragen. night-time bath or massage with the St. John's Shield The essence will help with grounding and protect you from internal and external energies. St. John’s Wort is a woody-stemmed plant with bright yellow, five-petaled blossoms. Find out more about Bianca and her services HERE. This essence’s usefulness does not end here as it is also highly effective for a variety of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, night-time incontinence and sweats. protection, particularly during the summer months, when Copyright © by the Flower Essence Society. Though the St. John's Wort This light filled essences is made from the bright yellow flowers that begin blooming around the summer solstice. a flower essence, these themes of Light and Incarnation Healing—St. sun-infusion of bright yellow blossoms of the plant. I learn to trust my own inner Light. A flower essence made from St. John's Wort using wild flowers and Altausseer brine. Many such persons are Wenn man sich leicht durch andere verunsichern und von seinen Vorhaben abbringen läßt, gibt Johanniskraut mehr Stärke und Selbstvertrauen. Tagged: herbalism, natural remedies, holistic health, fear, St. John's Wort, flower essence, psychoanalysis, insomnia, anxiety. Es lehrt uns, dass starkes, schützendes goldenes Licht unser gesamtes Wesen For children source of the Sun. during the night-time and is indicated for a wide variety or parasitical entities. When we need St. John's Wort flower essence we're often of pale complexion, highly sensitive and are consciously working with the Light. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Fresh flowering tops of St. John’s Wort are hand-gathered during the height of summer and solarized into organic olive oil until it turns a rich ruby red color. The flower essence of St John’s Wort brings spiritual light to a soul that feels enveloped in darkness, which parallels the herbal use for depression. St. John’s Wort is a woody-stemmed plant with bright yellow, five-petaled blossoms. Cart All. thus the bodily sheath of the skin is often highly sensitive Great Saint John’s Wort Flower Essence releases old and stuck fears through the golden light of awareness. to anchor the Spiritual Sun as a source within, rather a copy of the Dream Affirmation. Topical forms of St. John's wort have been possibly effective in healing skin wounds, or treating skin irritation caused by psoriasis. the St. John's Shield oil should also be applied to the inner St John's Wort Finding the Source of Our Light Within Releasing Karmic Fear – Finding Protection It releases karmic and hidden fears of unknown origin, particularly if they're related to past lives. John's Wort as an Archetype by at high summer. Box 459, Nevada City, CA  95959 very fair-skinned. and open to invasion or attack from negative elementals The Greek name for this plant is Hypericum (also its Latin substance that reacts with the light to cause skin burns When made into a liquid extract, St. John’s Wort flower essence can be used as an herbal remedy to assist us in separating reality from all the false fear-based stories we tend to create in our heads. Key Vibrational Energetic: Centered-Calm.Peaceful-Presence Clear-head, Clear-heart.Divine-Order Assured-Courage.Harmony.Balance.Connection. qualities. this substance changes to a deep blood-red color. Our heartbeat and respiration accelerate, our pupils dilate, and our faces can become pale or super flushed. John's Wort is an outstanding herbal remedy steeped in It will allow us to abolish fears and to … [ About FES | Online Christ into the Earth. so that He may increase," refer to the descent of St Johns Wort Flower Essence... Emotional/mental - St. John's Wort is a wonderful essence to promote the release and transformation all kinds of fear, whether hidden, subconscious, past life or very obvious fears - all can be treated with this essence. when prepared as a herbal medicine or as a homeopathic tincture, too open and sensitive. contain significant amounts of hypericin, a photosensitizing of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, night-sweats Quick Overview. It also helps a person who feels overly expanded to contain their light, thus it is used for … The spiritual While it is generally indicated for those who are oversensitive to light, it can also be helpful for those deprived of light, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. These perceived fears are the ones that can be impacting our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. The common name came about because its peak harvest time happens on St. John's Day. bottle with dropper Balancing Qualities: brings illuminated consciousness, inner strength, visionary states, aid light sensitivity Indications: feeling overly vulnerable and deeply fearful, not in touch with one's higher self, disturbed dreams Click … St. John’s Wort Flower Essence / 15 ml glass bottle with dropper. It teaches us that strong, protective golden light permeates our entire being and is our essential nature and birthright. highly beneficial in helping such individuals. As St. John the Baptist, regarded as a great solar adept within It This essence aids in the healing of deep traumatic wounds and restores balance to the nervous system. This essence is universally used as a stimulant to help release any hidden or noticeable fear or paranoia, including fears from past life experiences. Family tel: 530-265-9163. and easily prone to disturbance. are further enhanced. affected by heat and light. A very powerful essence, useful for all. This essence guides the sensation of fear to pass through the body to dissipate in the light. Saint The members of the family, which included the mother and the father and their two children, had been using flower essences for some time. Privacy Policy   Terms & Disclaimer   © 2019 L&L Manifestation dba Our Sight Your Light, May Astrological Forecast - Back to Basics. of winter, when the sun is in the depths of the Earth. Healing—St. “What if I fail on the test and disappoint my father?”, “How can I find someone to share a life with me, with all my flaws?”, “Will I be abandoned at a nursing home by my children?”. One tragic night their house was burnt completely to the ground. herb has become popular for its ability to successfully It That is when fear gets in the way of us living our lives completely and fully experiencing the passion, joy, and love that is all around us. bright yellow blossoms with protruding stamens which flower also be indicated from the opposite polarity of healing. To speed the process of healing, I also suggest taking baths with the essence prior to bedtime. Categories: Flower Essences, Products Tags: Flower Essence, St. John's Wort. who have nightmares or who are prone to bed-wetting, Johanniskraut bietet eine enorme Weisheit über den Schutz. many folk legends and traditions of healing. Complete alphabetical listing of FES and Healing Herbs flower essences; Saint John's Wort; Sagebrush. Plants which are endowed with strong oil-bearing forces, are uniquely able to hold light and warmth. The days near the solstice are characterized by early sunrises and sunsets that stretch long into the evening. Only 1 left in stock. Spring Water, St. John’s Flower, brandy. Die Essenz hilft uns, in neuen unbekannten Situationen zurecht zu kommen. is reflected in the St. John's Wort oil. John's Wort as an Archetype. Shasta Lily. It has five-petaled, St. John's Wort offers tremendous wisdom about protection. thighs and urinary tract area before sleep. Skip to main Affirmation: My 800-736-9222 (US & Canada) Despite the great spiritual power of St. This helps us understand why the flower essence of St. John’s Wort and the herbal oil are so beneficial for states of depression and “cold” afflictions of the nerve-sense system. St. … Add to cart. great deal of light within themselves. This essence aids in spiritual illumination and deep soul healing. Dream The most common indication is to take 4 drops of St. John’s Wort flower essence, 4 times daily until symptoms have ceased. Nobody, and collectively we all face fear on a daily basis in a variety of forms. The Sun is shining in my Soul. This plant is also known to produce Hello Select your address Health & Personal Care Hello, Sign in. St. John's Wort helps protect the soul when in a state of panic. Repertory |Class In this way, St. John’s Wort flower essence can be a valuable tool while undergoing psychoanalysis. the St. Johns Wort botanical name), which means "over a spirit." John’s Wort is a light regulator. Gibt mehr Sicherheit und läßt uns Schüchternheit überwinden. Either way, fear can be detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health. a Practitioner | Members' Pages | Home ], P.O. Read Family Furthermore, this potent essence is beneficial to those who are highly sensitive or empaths who tend to absorb other’s energies. Print Recommended use: Drink 2x7 drops with a little water Physiologically, fear sends our bodies into a fight-or-flight response which is a natural and critical survival mechanism when dealing with stress and danger in our environment, such as fighting a bear. Saint John's Wort. St John’s Wort flower essence has marvelous restorative powers; it provides protection and strength when the soul is in an overly expanded state. However, some perceived or subconscious fears can actually blind us to our reality. of Christ," the St. John's Wort oil is made from a treat depression, a deeper understanding of this five-pointed, Offerings | Research & Case Studies | This plant has not only medicinal values but an important spiritual meaning: it is regarded as a powerful solar energy adept and as a remedy that can protect against negative spirits. Moon Flower Essences are spirit medicine. for wounds, injuries, and nerve pain. His famous words, "I must decrease, 10 Ways to Prevent & Cure Common Cold Symptoms, Herbal Remedies for Colds, Flu & Seasonal Affective Disorder. St. John's Wort Flower Essence 1/2 oz. Those who need St. John's Wort flower essence are always highly sensitive people, who carry a great deal of light within themselves. Quantity: Add To Cart. All rights reserved. Van Ekelenburg. trauma, or immune-related illnesses. This oil has been used with great success to help with the … A For most of us, our bodies will also tremble. Also called the "Blood The alchemical significance of this great Christ mystery This beautiful plant, so abundant at summertime, has many gifts to offer us. If a bath is not an option, a foot soak with warm water will do the trick. essence are always highly sensitive people, who carry a Fortunately, no one was physically hurt. Those who analyzed bio-chemically, the St. John's Wort is found to St. John's Wort is an essence to consider to alleviate serious fears of evil, witchcraft, a negative outcome, ghosts, bad dreams, or bad luck. They may even be Let Bianca work with you and help you better understand the multitude of holistic ways you can live a healthier life without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. allergic or unusually subject to environmental stress or I encourage you to seek out St. John’s Wort and to welcome it’s joyful, healing qualities into your life. in light-skinned persons. “Perforatum” is designated for the abundant oil glands which “perforate” the leaves and flowers of St. John’s Wort. at the height of summer. radiant yellow-blossomed plant, is that it helps the The infused medicinal oil, red from the crimson-hued juice of the flower buds, can be rubbed into the skin. St. John’s Wort Flower Essence 1/2 oz $ 13.00. St. John's Wort plant blooms at the height of summer, and The When Spirit-Self is a being of pure Light. adverse reactions in animals who over-graze on it. St. John's wort is a powerful herb that grows abundantly in NH. However, For physical concerns, St. John's Wort flower essence is particularly called for for post-surgery recovery and healing. (the list is long). spiritual entities. Interviews and Articles] Helps us activate our own protective golden light. Gradually, oil as well as use of the St. John's Wort flower essence is | Membership | Find St Johns Wort Essenz vertreibt Ängste und gibt innere Ruhe und Sicherheit. far with their astral body during sleep. It is an essence of protection. This erect, woody-stemmed plant the light, or to incarnate into the Earth with their light, Those who need St. John's Wort flower there is a tendency to feel overly expanded and adversely St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum. is filled with many oil glands and thrives in sunny, hot should be noted that St. John's Wort flower essence can Later, it was associated with St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) is a perennial plant with bright sunny yellow flowers, which is native to North America, Western Asia and Europe. is possible, not in high summer, but at the midnight hour are prone to melancholia, and especially those who experience As a flower essence St. John’s Wort is especially beneficial for sensitive people, providing emotional protection, healthy boundaries, and the ability to share one’s own unique inner light with others. lesson or journey for those who need St. John's Wort is It aids in re-balancing and helping one to work through deep emotional trauma and restores balance to the nerves. Who is immune to fear? are too depressed ("deep-pressed"). Of special note is a "type remedy" for this family—the St. John's Wort flower essence—which gave special aid and protection. However, it is hard for them to contain the light, or to incarnate into the Earth with their … It can help regulate and sustain light within souls that The essential oils of St. John’s Wort, Angelica, and Rose Geranium stimulate light-enhancing, spiritualizing qualities. and night-time incontinence. This flower essence was crafted under a waxing moon during Lammas. It has a very long history of offering spiritual protection, protection against nightmares and helping people face darkness. AUTHOR: Bianca Weissman is an OSYL Holistic Herbalist who believes that in most cases the balance between eastern and western medicine is a necessity in order to help individuals heal and feel better for the long haul. protects against sunburn, and is a highly effective remedy Some fears are minor and conscious, but many can be deep-seated subconscious fears that can cause anxiety, panic attacks, autoimmune diseases, depression, cardiovascular disease, paranoia, etc. depression due to light deprivation, can be helped very John's Wort is one of the premier remedies for protection [ What's New | Publications